Synthetic Grass Field

Nursan Sports Company constructs so many types of sports fields; outdoor/indoor artificial grass football pitches, tennis courts, other sports, fence systems, panel fences, razor wire fence systems, static painted fence posts, wire mesh, and others nationally and internationally.

When we consider them all, especially, in the last decade, synthetic or artificial grass field use has increased significantly. Synthetic grass has another importance for football fields. In order to play well, players should be able to control the ball easily. Also, player performance is another important factor about synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass is the best solution, or best choice for football fields. Artificial grass is the best type on increasing player performance. As Nursan Sports, we manufacture top-quality artificial grass by using the finest technology in the market.

Synthetic grass can be manufactured in special technical features according to customer demands. For example, the length of the synthetic grass fibre can change according to the density of the surface.

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